Tarmac Repairs

Tarmac Repairs

A cost effective alternative to paving, that is becoming popular with many residents throughout Nottingham, is tarmac. When initially laid it looks great, however, over a period of time, exposed to the elements, the resin content starts to dry out, the colour fades and the tarmac becomes brittle, causing it to crack and break up.      

We are able to offer a professional and effective tarmac restoration service, to homeowners in areas such as Hucknall, Mansfield, Grantham and Leicester, transforming your driveway to look like it has just been laid. Our tarmac restoration service includes tarmac repair and the application of tarmac coatings.

Our company uses the most advanced Smartseal tarmac restorers, recognised for their quick and easy application and their waterproofing qualities.  

Our 'step by step' Tarmac Restoration Process

  1. Pre-treat moss and algae with fungicidal cleaners   
  2. Pressure wash area and remove any loose stones
  3. Repair minor damage and cracks using Smartseal Crack Repair Compound
  4. Apply 2 coats of TARMASEAL Tarmac Restorer

Tarmaseal  (tarmac restorer) provides long term protection to your driveway. This application replaces lost resins and restores the colour, creating a weather resistant surface.

With a top up coat every few years, the tarmac will continue to look good for years to come, avoiding the need for expensive replacement.  

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